Wood, Electric or Gas Fireplaces. Which One’s for You?

Wood, electric and gas heating have their own unique benefits. Wood heating has charm and presence, electric heating could be free if you’re solar wise, and nothing compares the reach and quality of gas heating. So, how do you choose?

Your house style and location will have an impact on your choice. But these days, most homes are already optioned to benefit from all three.

Interestingly, there’s nothing stopping you from having all three. Wood in the living room, electric outside on the patio, and gas in the bedrooms.

Let’s have a whirlwind look at the benefits of each, and what you’ll need to make it happen at your place.

Wood Fireplaces

Nothing compares the look, ambiance, and culture of wood heating. It’s beautiful, traditional, and highly effective in smaller and larger rooms, and open-plan spaces.

It would become pretty expensive to deck out every space in the home with wood. But it makes a brilliant focal point in the hub of a house. It’s also brilliant for adding romance to a bedroom or stately presence to a home office.

You’re going to need to install a flue. For some houses, this might not be possible at all. For other homes, modifications are likely required to meet safety regulations. Having existing chimneys can be a major help. Never mind if you don’t, however, you might be surprised at how simply a flue can be installed into your home.

The heat provided by wood heating is exceptional. And contrary to what you may have heard, it sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly. In many circumstances, it’s a better than any other source. 

For those with access to a good wood supply, wood can be very cost effective. For a modest outlay, you can have a free standing wood heater adding warmth and ambiance to your home. 

Electrical Fireplaces

The best thing about installing an electrical fireplace is that your home has electricity. For huge numbers of Australians, you’re already getting free electricity from the sun. In this case, electrical fireplaces become the most affordable to run.

Modern electric fireplace design delivers architectural beauty. You get the heat, the ambiance only a fireplace can offer, and you also increase the value of your home. With integral units, some room modifications might be required. However, you don’t need a flue. And that’s a big positive for lots of people.

For those on a budget, and in a hurry for beautiful heating,  portable units can be as simple as plug and play. All you need is a power point, and an appropriate base. With electricity, the look of fire is accessible to all people and most budgets.

Electricity offers compelling advantages for those in apartments, and for those living where piped gas is not available, and wood is not possible. You can have the realism of an open fire for beauty and warmth in a living room, and let the reverse cycle you already have heat the bedrooms. With electricity, you’re optioned!

Gas Fireplaces

Gas heating will remain the first choice for heating for many Australians. Such is the quality and reach of the heat, most gas fireplaces are little more expensive than wood or electricity. With modern gas fireplace design, home owners can have all the ambiance and beauty of an open flame, with the unmatched warmth and the efficiencies of gas fuel.

Gas makes sense when you’re already running other gas appliances. It’s important to note that you will require a flue, and may need other room modifications. For many standard urban and suburban homes, these modifications are straight forward and the team at The Home of Fire can take care of it for you. For those who don’t have the gas on, you should check if it’s available to your home first. 

Gas is a brilliant entertainer. For those homes with patios and entertainments decks, gas can turn it into an all season party hub. Ask us how.


Call The Home of Fire on (08) 7123 2806, or book a site inspection online. Nothing beats a heating assessment from The Home of Fire Team. We’ll help you make the right choice for your home.