Don't Let Winter Come Without Heating

If you have your heart set on a new wood fire, electric or gas fireplace for inside or out, now is the time to act to ensure installation is completed before the mercury begins to drop. For some locations, the need for heating is merely weeks away. 

Depending on the fireplace you purchase, there is likely to be a level of planning and an installation process. This can be a matter of an hour or so, or days and longer. Currently, with global supply chains in disarray, it's never been more critical to get in early. Understanding the demands of your installation can save you a lot of time.

We're sure everybody is aware of how the pandemic and other not-so joyful world events have come to impact supply chains around the globe. If you're a builder or DIY weekend warrior, you'll be aware that construction items such as framing timber and insulation can be tricky to acquire. 

All parts of supply chains have been impacted from manufacturing to delivery and installation processes. However, with good planning and getting in early, it is possible to bypass the blockage.

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The Home of Fire team has worked very hard to see customers have access to the heating they want when they want it. Our strategies to keep supply up are working. However, round table discussions have all come back to this; We need our loyal fans and customers to know that now is the time to act to secure your heating desires before the start of winter. 

Fortunately, we deliver, install, and advise on all aspects of heating, from product selection to the specific installation demands of your home. We also recognise that everybody's circumstances are unique, so we tailor every heating solution to suit you, from supply to installation. This gives us, and you, a supply and timescale advantage.

Let's look at supply and installation in more detail to put all this in perspective.

New Constructions and Significant Renovations

We're sure nobody is more acutely attuned to supply issues than those with projects under planning or already under construction. Usually, the supply of materials and appliances for larger projects is staged and timed. At the best times, timing supply with proposed installation dates can be a bit of a dance where flexibility is necessary. However, things are a little trickier now. 

For example, your heating might not be due for installation, or even confirmation, for weeks or a couple of months. With an inbuilt fireplace or heating appliance an integral part of the construction, The Home of Fire recommends securing supply with early purchase. Knowing your fireplace is ready to go the moment installation is scheduled ensures snowball effects from supply or installation delay are avoided. Give us a call with your plans and schedules, and we'll provide the heating products you've chosen are ready when you need them. We can collaborate with your people for seamless workflow, especially with early planning.

Simple Heating Upgrades and Enhancements

Freestanding electric fireplaces are, by and large, the easiest to install, with many 'plug n play.' Nonetheless, you may want a new powerpoint in the perfect position, a platform or pedestal on which to seat your new fireplace. A speedy purchase ensures small installation extras can be conducted much faster, so your heating is operational before you need it. 

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When You Need a Flue

Depending on the model, freestanding units might require a minor floor modification to meet safety standards. Internal gas and natural fireplaces require a flue. Each of these processes involves assessment and planning time and installation time. 

While we can predict heater stock and delivery accurately, it can be a little tricker to guarantee timing for the building materials specific to your installation. For example, will your flue exit through the roof, through a timber frame wall, or masonry wall? Each instance will have different installation demands on labour and materials.

Again, delays can be averted when you engage our consultants early, a secure stock with a purchase, and instigate any site visit that might be required to assess your installation.

Is the Gas On?

Importantly, those wishing to install any gas appliance will need to connect the gas to their homes. If not connected, there is a process involved that, while usually speedy, will take time, and there's often a rush when winter is imminent.

Firstly, find out if gas is available in your area. Secondly, request a gas connection to your home. You will then have to browse the gas suppliers to find a plan that suits your needs. Our gas fitters will take care of the rest, installing bayonets where you need the heating. 

Again, depending on your home and the locations you require heating, the process of installation, and materials, required will vary. Getting across these considerations early ensures early winter warmth.

Built-in Fire Places

Whether natural fire, gas or electric, these systems require significant and accurate planning. You may be modifying an existing wall or constructing a new wall to house your beautiful new fireplace. You may even be resurrecting some functional aspects of an old chimney and fireplace to house your new heater.

These are involved processes requiring a mix of construction materials and trades skills. Now, more than ever, a consultation with our expert team should be scheduled without delay. With planning arranged and the products secured early, you can have greater confidence that your new heating centrepiece will be operational well before winter reaches its darkest.

The team at the Home of Fire is always on call to advise, sell and support.

getting in early is the best wisdom we can offer, you can rest assured that if you're running behind, we'll go to the moon and back to help you get the fireplace you have your heart set on post-haste.

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